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PT Utama Raya Motor Industri was established in 1977 in the village Kroncong, Tangerang, Banten. At first PT Utama Raya Motor Industri ( PT URAMI ) engaged in the manufacture of motor spare parts with superior plating machine facilities. By this, PT URAMI got some confidence plating services company serving the automotive industry that uses components with nickel chrome plating finish.

New in 1983, PT URAMI began to enter the furniture industry by releasing products that use stacking chairs oval and square pipes , where this innovation is a pioneer in Indonesia with FUTURA trademark.

FUTURA brand stands for " Furniture Utama Raya", which in Latin means "Shining Future-Masa Depan Cemerlang" .

With the addition of nickel chrome quality system that uses multiple double layers or coatings , the market turned out to welcome the FUTURA product is good enough, so in 1985 it was decided to develop the manufacture of folding chairs . Since 1985 that is annually issued an average of one new seat design and the management decided to further improve the quality of the engine change from manual to automatic technology , ranging from machine to machine bending plating . Currently PT Urami have 3 units of German tech plating As we know , Germany is well known for the quality of the plating best to date . By doing regular maintenance by the maintenance team of the German competent, quality nickel chrome plating makes FUTURA seems primed, always shiny and does not rust easily .

In line with the demand for the product increased FUTURA high enough , PT URAMI expand places / means of production by building more factories in the area adjacent to the previous factory in Tangerang Keroncong village .

Management seeks to continuously improve production capacity , service , quality and cost reduction in order to be competitive and to satisfy all customers.

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PT UTAMA RAYA MOTOR INDUSTRI Jl Pramuka Raya Kav 72, Jakarta, INDONESIA 10570

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