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Product Knowledge

Produck FUTURA has been awarded the Certificate of ISO, NO. 692.99/97.140/III/2010 and No.. 691.99/97.140/III/2010

Produck and Patented Brand FUTURA has been certified by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Director General of Intellectual Property Rights


Nickel Chrome Plating

FUTURA products are produced by Double Layers Nickel Chrome Plating, a high quality plating technology from Germany.

1. The advantages of Nickel Chrome Plating finishing of FUTURA products comparing with other brands are as follow :

a. More Elegant and high quality performance
b. More glitter, with colors bleached resistance from cleaner cloth, cleaner liqued, etc.
c. Better rusted and cracked protection
d. Bend and scratch resistant
e. Stability of 20 micron double layers nickel for stacking chair and 12 micron for folding chair



2. Since PT URAMI operated in 1977, we keep improve the quality of Nickel Chrome Plating continously. In the first time we used Japan and Holland technology. Later we implemented Know How Transfer plating process from MVA - GALVANOTECHNIK GERMANY and already been used for 13 years long.

The quality of FUTURA chairs of PT URAMI has fulfilled Germany Standard Quality and succeed for export to some countries that required best quality products only, such as Germany, Belgium, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Uni Emirates Arab, Lebanon, Kuwait, Srilanka, Brunei Darussalam, and many more countries

Powder Coating

Powder Coating process is controlled by specific thickness equipment to meet the standard production. The stickness quality of Powder Coating to pipe or plat is test through these ways :

1. Bending test of Powder Coating resulted

If the surface is broken or cracked then the stickness powder coating to pipe or plat is out of standard and will be rejected.




2. Scratching frame surface of Powder Coating by knife

Isolation tape is put on and take of from scratch marked. If powder is stick on tape, the product will be rejected.




Available Powder Coating colors : Gold Metalic, Black Gloss, White, & Grey

* We also serve and accept another colors as required.

Process Condition

Advantages of Nickel Chrome Plating FUTURA and Nila Chair


The process are as follow :
1. Cleaner - To clean up all oil, fat, etc
2. Pickling - To clean up rust marked in the metal surface
3. Electro Cleaner - Total clean up by Electrochemia
4. Acid Dip - Activate metal surface for plating process
5. Semi Bright Nickel - First stage nickel lining
6. Bright Nickel - Second stage nickel lining
7. Chrome Plating - Chrome lining to protect nickel layer, makes bump resistance, and also more glitter
8. Chrome Reduction - More stable chrome layer and oxidation resistance
9. Dry Oven - For rust and oxidation protection

The steps above are mean to get the perfect plating result. Nickel thicness is surety and more stable without human error possibility.


To increase quality performance, MVA Galvanotechnik of Germany keep provides recent "KNOW HOW", with at least one visit time per year, to factory plant. It is to ensure that quality of Nickel Chrome process is always fit with new technology of Germany.





Before shipping to the market, each product has to pass quality control assurance through our complete laboratory equipment, to ensure stability and standardization of product quality.

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